Disciplinary Matters

Suspending or Revoking a Nurse License

On what grounds can the Board of Nursing attempt to deny, revoke, or suspend a nurse’s license? Tennessee law provides numerous enumerated or listed grounds for which the Board can deny, revoke, or suspend a nurse’s license.

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Is Your Tennessee Nursing License at Risk

As a nurse, you work tirelessly for your patients, spending long hours on your feet without even the thought of a break. But day in and day out, nurses in Tennessee keep doing what they love. Suddenly, discovering that your nursing license is at risk can be devastating, and you deserve the right help to keep you employed and doing what you love.

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The Value of a Local Attorney in Lebanon, TN

The law is a complex labyrinth; having a seasoned attorney guide you through it is invaluable. This importance becomes even more pronounced when dealing with local matters. A local attorney from Lebanon, TN, brings unique advantages.

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