Parenting Plans

Three Ways a Lawyer Can Help You Form a Parenting Plan

Parenting is difficult, and co-parenting has even more challenges. If you are divorced or in the process of separating, and you have kids with your ex, you will need to figure out what visitation arrangement works best for all parties.

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Parenting Plan May Require Adjustment Period

Any significant life change can be challenging. A life change that reduces the time you spend with the closest people in your life can be difficult. Individuals creating parenting plans with co-parents in Tennessee may wish to keep this in mind as they work on drafting a plan that centers on the needs of the children.

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Modifying a Court Ordered Parenting Plan

Making a parenting plan isn't as simple as it sounds. This article discusses Tennessee law for modifying a court-ordered parenting plan.

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Permanent Parenting Plan FAQ

A permanent parenting plan is a plan required for any Tennessee divorce. Learn more about the responsibilities of this plan.

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Visitation FAQ

Explore visitation FAQs such as, do noncustodial parents normally receive visitation? Learn more on this helpful resource.

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The Value of a Local Attorney in Lebanon, TN

The law is a complex labyrinth; having a seasoned attorney guide you through it is invaluable. This importance becomes even more pronounced when dealing with local matters. A local attorney from Lebanon, TN, brings unique advantages.

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