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While our firm is approachable and welcoming, we are also highly skilled negotiators and formidable litigators. Our track record speaks to the dedication we bring to every case we handle.

With over 40 years of combined experience, we focus on Civil Litigation, Family Law, Healthcare Law, Personal Injury Law, Contract Law, Business Law, and Criminal Defense. Proudly serving Lebanon, TN and the counties of Wilson, Smith, Rutherford, Sumner, Trousdale, Macon, DeKalb, and Cannon. We have a proven record of success, combined with experience and compassion.

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We work for you like you are part of our Lebanon TN family.
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Located in the Heart of Lebanon, TN

Hagar & Phillips is a local law firm, delivering legal services across Middle Tennessee.

Strategically positioned in the historic area of Lebanon, our local law firm is just a stone’s throw away for most residents. Our reach extends to Wilson, Sumner, Davidson, Macon, Rutherford, Smith, Williamson, Dekalb, Cannon, and Trousdale counties.

With extensive local knowledge and a diverse network, we have a unique advantage in navigating complex legal situations. Our seasoned attorneys deliver personalized services across various legal disciplines.

From family law, family mediation and criminal defense, to personal injury, civil mediation, healthcare law, and business law, we tailor strategies to suit your circumstances. Reach out to us today for a trusted relationship in meeting your legal needs.

What We Do

Trusted Guidance and Clear Communication

With an insider's perspective on the formal practice of law, we excel at handling your case. Count on communication in clear and straightforward terms, consistently ensuring your understanding throughout the entire legal journey. We strive for humble service and an unwavering commitment to providing trusted guidance.

Lawyers in Lebanon TN - Proudly Serving Middle TN

The Hagar and Phillips law team is homegrown. Our attorneys went to school here, have raised their families in this area, and have children attending local schools. We are deeply rooted in Lebanon, TN. The firm was built from the ground up right here in Lebanon, managed by people from Lebanon, and created to contribute to the community’s prosperity. We proudly serve Wilson TN and surrounding counties including Smith, Rutherford, Sumner, Trousdale, Macon, DeKalb, and Cannon

Why We Do It

We Believe in Justice

With more than 40 years of combined experience, the Law Office of Hagar & Phillips has the time-trusted tenacity you want in those representing you. From criminal defense, and personal injury, to family law and mediation options, we strive to provide you with the best possible outcome.

‍We know the struggles of life and the difficult decisions that individuals need to make at times. When those decisions involve legal issues that affect your life and security, you want to know your advocate has the skills, experience, and determination to get the results you need.
Lebanon TN attorney handling family law and family mediation, child custody, adoption, divorce attorney in lebanon

Lebanon TN Lawyers

Family Law, Family Mediation

At Hagar & Phillips, we offer individualized support and unique family law and family mediation services for individualized support and unique solutions for each case we handle.

Tiffany Hagar is a Tennessee Supreme Court Listed Rule 31 Family Mediator. Her mediation service can help you avoid the time and expense of going to court with alternative dispute resolution method.

Whether through negotiation or litigation, our family law team of lawyers is prepared to advocate for your interests.
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I hired Mr. Phillips for a criminal case, and I can't praise him enough. I've worked with several Nashville area lawyers, and Mr. Phillips is a cut above. He does not hesitate to investigate a case and expose corruption and hidden facts. If you want a smart, thorough, and fair-priced attorney, Mr. Phillips is the best.


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