Is Your Tennessee Nursing License at Risk
August 26, 2023
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Is Your Tennessee Nursing License at Risk

Situations Can Compromise Your Nursing License

There is something that, regardless of location, age, or experience, all nurses share — passion for their chosen career. As a nurse, you work tirelessly for your patients, spending long hours on your feet without even the thought of a break. But day in and day out, nurses in Tennessee keep doing what they love. Suddenly discovering that your nursing license is at risk can be devastating, and you deserve the right help to keep you employed and doing what you love.

Example of How Your License Can Be at Risk

Many situations can compromise your nursing license. For some, a drunk driving arrest can force some nurses to stop practicing, even if the arrest did not occur at a time or place related to their work. Even if you are acquitted, you could still face consequences in the workplace.

In other cases, a nurse might face losing their license for a drug diversion. This is an unfortunately common accusation behind license loss. If you have been accused of improperly disposing of medications or even of purposely stealing from storage rooms or patients, your ability to continue nursing is in serious jeopardy.

No one wants to wake up one morning and realize they can no longer work in their chosen profession. Unfortunately, this is the reality that many nurses deal with when facing personal issues. Whether you were accused of drug diversion, arrested on suspicion of drunk driving, or involved in some other situations, you deserve strong advocacy when facing the Tennessee Board of Nursing.

Contact a Trusted Wilson County Healthcare Attorney

If you are concerned about the status of your TN Nursing License, consult with a health law attorney to make sure all legal requirements are met. This will help avoid issues with the Board of Medicine and/or Nursing. Speak with the best healthcare attorneys in Lebanon, TN, about your accreditations by contacting Hagar & Phillips for a confidential consultation at 615-784-4588.

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