Family Mediation
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Family Mediation

At Hagar & Phillips Attorneys at Law, we understand the emotional toll that family disputes can take. To help families navigate these challenging times, we offer mediation services.

Tennessee Supreme Court Rule 31 Family Mediation Services

At Hagar & Phillips Attorneys at Law, we understand the emotional toll that family disputes can take. To help families navigate these challenging times, we offer mediation services. Tiffany Hagar, one of our esteemed attorneys, is a Tennessee Supreme Court Rule 31 Family Law Mediator. Her  experience in this field provide our clients with a valuable resource in resolving their disputes.

Childcare Mediation, Family Law Mediation, Family Dispute Mediation

Family mediation is a constructive process where a neutral third party assists disputing parties to reach an agreement. It is often used in cases involving divorce, child custody, and other family law matters. Tiffany Hagar, with her Rule 31 mediator status, is trained in aiding parties to communicate effectively, understand each other's needs, and work towards a mutually beneficial resolution. Her calm demeanor and professional approach can help reduce the stress and hostility often associated with these disputes.

Mediation for Families / Mediator for Family Disputes

At Hagar and Phillips, we firmly believe in the power of mediation to help families resolve conflicts peacefully and reach beneficial agreements for all involved. Our experienced mediator, Tiffany Hagar, is here to guide you through your family disputes and help you find lasting solutions. We cover a wide range of family scenarios including divorce, post-divorce modifications, child custody and visitation disputes, property division issues, and more. Our mediation services are designed to benefit everyone involved, ensuring that every voice is heard and respected. Trust us to navigate your family's complex situations with compassion and expertise.

How Does Family Mediation Work?

You can attend voluntary mediation any time before or during a case. A trained Mediator will lead the mediation meeting. Each party voices its opinion as to how to resolve the matter. The role of the Mediator is to help you and the other party reach an agreed-upon resolution without going to court for full litigation. Most family mediation sessions are agreed-upon hours, but usually no longer than five-hour sessions. Mediation can be conducted in person or remotely via phone, email, or video. Having the flexibility to conduct mediation means you can work around work conflicts, illness, and agreed-upon. You can prepare for family mediation with a proposed parenting plan, ideal arrangements, lists of expenses, proof of income, and entries from a parenting journal or calendar showing when you care for your child.

Is Mediation Confidential?

Mediation is confidential. No information you share during mediation is shared with the judge. The mediator only reports the result of the mediation – if it was successful or not. Unless otherwise communicated, all conversations and documents presented during mediation are confidential and privileged under Tennessee mediation law T.C.A. § 36-4-130.

Best Lebanon TN Family Mediation Lawyers

At Hagar & Phillips, we believe in the power of mediation to resolve family conflicts in a way that preserves relationships and puts the interests of any children involved at the forefront. Trust in our team, and particularly in the skilled hands of Tiffany Hagar, to guide you through this process with empathy. We are committed to helping you find peaceful solutions to your family law disputes.

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