Civil Mediation
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Civil Mediation

Civil Mediation Services with a Tennessee Supreme Court Rule 31 Certified Mediator

Hagar & Phillips Attorneys at Law is proud to offer civil mediation services, led by our own Eric Phillips - a Tennessee Supreme Court Rule 31 Listed Civil Mediator. His listed by the highest court in the state testifies to his extensive knowledge, and skills in the field of civil mediation. Eric's adept understanding of the law, combined with his ability to facilitate productive dialogue, makes him an invaluable asset during any civil mediation process.

Eric Phillips Civil Mediator

Eric's role as a Rule 31 Civil Mediator allows him to effectively guide disputing parties towards a mutually beneficial resolution, without the need for costly and time-consuming litigation. His keen understanding of legal principles and his experience in negotiation techniques helps ensure a fair process for all parties involved. By fostering open communication and promoting understanding, Eric aids in transforming disputes into resolutions, thus preserving relationships and promoting harmony.

At Hagar & Phillips, we believe that civil mediation often provides a more efficient, cost-effective, and satisfactory solution for many disputes compared to traditional court proceedings. Under the guidance of Eric Phillips, we strive to provide a neutral, respectful, and confidential environment where all parties can voice their concerns and work collaboratively towards a resolution. Trust in Hagar & Phillips for all your civil mediation needs.

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