Stay Out of Legal Trouble on Halloween
September 11, 2023
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Stay Out of Legal Trouble on Halloween

Halloween is a night of mischief and madness, of course! While some scares are wanted to properly celebrate the spooky evening, many are the results of an uptick in crime and accidents. In some places, crime has spiked up to 50% above average on the evening of October 31st. With so many people out during the evenings, wild parties hosted in popular college towns, temptation for vandalism, and a greater inclination to cause some legal trouble as tradition suggests, below are a few common crimes that can take place on Halloween night. Need more information about felony vandalism in Tennessee – read on.

The Most Common Crimes and Legal Trouble on Halloween Night

While many of the following can take place any day of the year, there seems to be an influx in these crimes on Halloween night.

Avoiding Felony Vandalism in Tennessee

Because it’s a night known for its shenanigans, people are more likely to commit acts of random vandalism. Some examples are smashing pumpkins and destroying others’ property, which could get you in trouble with the law should you choose to partake in something serious.


During Halloween, parents may be out of their homes and attending their children’s trick or treating adventures. However, with the house left unattended, it may be easier for people to commit robberies during this time, especially while wearing masks, which won’t look as suspicious this one night of the year.

You may have questions about burglary charges in Tennessee. What is aggravated burglary? What is the aggravated burglary minimum sentence? Is aggravated burglary a felony? Does burglary of habitation include jail time? Contact your lawyer to discuss your specific case.

Car, Boat, Truck, or Motorcycle Accidents

With so many children walking/running around from door to door, drivers and pedestrians should take extra safety precautions during the evening. Adults should stay with their children to make sure they’re safe from traffic.  Car accidents can happen. If you are in an automobile accident contact your lawyer to discuss your options.

Underage Drinking

College parties are common on Halloween night which leads to large groups of people partaking in underage drinking. In order to stay safe, avoid parties you see getting out of control and practice safe and legal behavior.

Drug or Possession Charges

You may have questions about drug charges or simple possession. In Tennessee, drug offenses are charged and punished in accordance with the severity of the offense. For example, you could be charged with a misdemeanor for simple possession of marijuana or a felony for distribution or trafficking of drugs.

Violent Crimes

For some reason, more violent crimes are committed on Halloween night whether this has to do with an increase in alcohol consumption or the fact that violent imagery can be a part of the holiday, be sure to use proper judgment and safety practices this evening.

If You’re Arrested on Halloween, Here’s What to Do About Your Legal Trouble    

Get in touch with an experienced legal representative. Before you do or say anything that may make matters worse, you need good counsel on your side. You may have questions like, can you bail out of jail on a probation charge? What is the probation violation bond amount? How to get a probation bond? etc. Contact your lawyer to discuss details.

Criminal Legal Representation in Lebanon, TN and Wilson County

When legal trouble arises from Halloween night from vandalism, burglary, car accidents, underage drinking, or violent crimes contact the experienced Lebanon TN lawyers at Hagar and Phillips. With our help, you can fight against your charges. Use our Contact Form or call 615-784-4588.

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