Can You Buy a Gun with a DUI in TN
September 15, 2023
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Can You Buy a Gun with a DUI in Tennessee?

Understanding the Impact of a DUI on Firearm Purchasing and Ownership

Can I Buy a Gun with 2 DUIs?

In Tennessee, having two DUI convictions within ten years, especially if one is recent, may affect your gun-buying ability. Speak with an attorney for further details.

Can a DUI Prevent You From Buying a Gun?

Depending on specifics, a DUI conviction might inhibit your right to buy a gun due to standards set in Tennessee's permitless carry law. A local DUI attorney can hear the details of your case and provide more information.

Can You Own a Gun with a DUI?

While DUI convictions don't outright prohibit gun possession, certain conditions could restrict your rights.

Can I Get a Concealed Carry Permit with a DUI?

In Tennessee, DUI convictions can affect your eligibility for a handgun carry permit.

Can You Get a Gun with a Misdemeanor?

Although a DUI is non-violent, it is strictly penalized and can affect your ability to purchase or possess firearms.

Can You Purchase a Gun After a DUI?

Purchasing a firearm post-DUI is possible, but depends on your case specifics, including past convictions and their timing.

Remember, every case is unique. Consult a local DUI attorney to understand your rights and restrictions regarding firearms following a DUI. This blog provides a general overview and should not replace professional legal advice.

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