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Millennials are disrupting this aspect of family law

Overall divorce rates are decreasing, and experts say millennials are to thank. These young adults are disrupting what has otherwise been an upward family law trend. There are likely a number of factors at play, including more adults going to college and delaying marriage. However, marriage is also perceived differently in Tennessee today than it was in past decades. 

Is dissolution right for you?

Ending a marriage is an emotional experience, but it does not have to be a traumatic one. Dissolution is a viable alternative to divorce, which gives you and your soon-to-be ex the ability to make your own decisions. Although it may seem impossible, many people in Tennessee prefer to have the last say over things rather than have their future in the hands of a judge.

Women hit hardest by financial surprises in divorce

Ending an unhappy marriage has many benefits, including giving both people the opportunity to move on with their lives. Most Tennessee divorcees find great happiness after their divorce, whether with a new partner or on their own. However, there is no denying the financial impact of divorce. Unfortunately, some financial surprises seem to hit women harder than men. 

Is your pet like a child to you? Divorce can complicate that

Putting off marriage till a later date is increasingly common in Tennessee. But people are not just waiting longer to say "I do" -- many couples choose to establish themselves financially before starting down the path to parenthood. For these couples, pets often replace the idea of children, and even in families with children the pets are often viewed as integral members who contribute emotionally. While there are established guidelines for how to handle child custody during divorce, no such thing exists for beloved pets.

As time goes by, your post-divorce life will change

Let's say that you and your high school sweetheart get married and plan a long and fulfilling life together. Over the years, the two of you buy a home, have a child, and collectively build an amazing life together. But as the years go on, you also start disagreeing with each other more. Those disagreements turn to arguments, and as more time passes the two of you drift apart. Eventually you both decide it is time to divorce.

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