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Video spawns arrest of Tennessee woman, criminal defense next

It seems like everyone has a camera at hand these days, in the era of smartphones. While phone cameras can capture events, they are poor at showing the full context of a situation. A recent viral video shows a Tennessee woman driving her car away with a salon employee clinging to the back of it. She has been charged with reckless endangerment, and is likely now focused on preparing her criminal defense. 

The video shows a few employees of the nail studio blocking the back of the woman's car. She reverses her car and begins to back up. The employees of the nail salon are bumped with the car several times but do not move away from the vehicle. Finally, the woman is seen speeding away from the parking lot of the nail salon with a nail tech clinging to the back of her car. She drove from the salon parking lot into the street with the woman still on the the trunk. 

Alleged meth lab bust leads to drug charges for 4 in Tennessee

An incident at a local motel led to the arrest of four individuals recently. When police responded to the Tennessee motel room, they allegedly found evidence indicating that the men possessed and were manufacturing methamphetamine. The four were arrested on drug charges.

On Tuesday, May 1 at 8 p.m., police responded to a complaint at the Len Haven Motel in Weakley County. Sherriff's department authorities were assisted by local municipal police during the incident. Together, they say they found an active meth lab and the four individuals in question. Among the materials reportedly confiscated were an active one pot bottle, lye, sulfuric acid, camp fuel, marbles, salt, coffee filters, plastic tubing and various other meth-making supplies. Also seized were smoking pipes and scales. 

A workable parenting plan is possible with facts

When parents decide to divorce, they will often work together to decide what is fair for the children. Many Tennessee families wonder if the process of drafting a parenting plan can be accomplished so that the best interests of the child are kept at the center. It is possible when facts are valued over emotions and individuals keep their goals and expectations realistic. 

For determining the facts of the child custody case, good record keeping is key. An individual may wish to take notes and record important details with a cellphone or in a journal. Since the relationship with the children will be lifelong, parents may want to consider that there will be times such as graduations, ceremonies and weddings during which they will need to interact with the other parent, and that they likely do not want to force the children to have to choose between themselves and the other parent. 

As time goes by, your post-divorce life will change

Let's say that you and your high school sweetheart get married and plan a long and fulfilling life together. Over the years, the two of you buy a home, have a child, and collectively build an amazing life together. But as the years go on, you also start disagreeing with each other more. Those disagreements turn to arguments, and as more time passes the two of you drift apart. Eventually you both decide it is time to divorce.

When a divorce happens, it could involve a couple like this. It could involve a couple that has no children. It could involve a couple with a bevy of assets and wealth. It could involve a couple that lives paycheck to paycheck. The possibilities are myriad, but one thing remains true regardless of the specifics of any given divorce: in the years after your divorce, circumstances will change.

Understanding drug trafficking and distribution charges

The use and sale of drugs is prominent in many communities and can lead to dangerous and sometimes fatal situations. For this reason, those who face criminal charges may endure stiff penalties if convicted.

In such cases, it is important to fully understand what drug trafficking and distribution charges entail so that you can develop the best possible defense for your case.

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