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Criminal law: Arrest made in Aug. 2018 robbery

A months-old robbery incident led to the recent arrest of a Tennessee man. Charged with several criminal law violations, including aggravated robbery, he is currently in police custody in lieu of a $150,300 bond. Police believe that another man was also involved in the incident, although that individual has not yet been identified.

According to authorities, the victim was in a hotel room with the 23-year-old defendant and one other man back on Aug. 5. The victim told police he was speaking with the two men about some of his property that had been stolen from his vehicle when the unidentified man drew a firearm and shot him. The assault allegedly continued on into the parking lot, when the victim claims that the men stole the $4,000 in cash that he had on him at the time.

Tony Raines dealing with extenuating child custody circumstances

Celebrities have personal lives just like people in Tennessee and everywhere else in the nation. Often the characters they portray in movies or on stage are quite different from their real life persona. Even celebrities who star in reality TV shows still have off-screen lives that may, at times, be wrought with problems, such as child custody issues.

Tony Raines, one of the stars on Real World: Skeletons understands all too well what it is like to have one's personal problems aired in public. Raines is not married to either mother of his two daughters, but his custody battle with his former girlfriend and mother of his 2-year-old child has likely got him feeling like there is no such thing as privacy anymore. Raines is currently fighting for custody of the child against her maternal grandparents.

Millennials are disrupting this aspect of family law

Overall divorce rates are decreasing, and experts say millennials are to thank. These young adults are disrupting what has otherwise been an upward family law trend. There are likely a number of factors at play, including more adults going to college and delaying marriage. However, marriage is also perceived differently in Tennessee today than it was in past decades. 

Previous generations viewed growing up, getting married and having children as the natural order of things. Today's young adults think of marriage as more of a status symbol, an achievement that they can achieve after establishing themselves. This includes getting a college degree, securing a stable career and reaching a certain level of financial security.  As such, millennials tend to be pickier when it comes to choosing a spouse, so saying "yes" to the first serious relationship is not necessarily the norm. 

Tennessee police arrest 3 on drug charges

Police in Tennessee recently arrested three people for their alleged role in an apparent drug distribution operation. The arrests followed a search of a suspected drug home, for which authorities had a warrant. While all three are facing drug charges, at least one faces an additional criminal allegation of evading arrest. 

Officers had a search warrant for a suspected drug home, which they executed earlier in Sept. 2018. They claim that they announced themselves and knocked on the door before entering the home, at which point the people inside began to run. Initially, all of the suspects except for one evaded the police. That individual was the young brother of the main suspect, and he supposedly admitted to picking up illegal drugs for his sibling. 

What does co-parenting have to do with my parenting plan?

Most parents understand that they need to continue working together for their children even after their divorce. Actually putting this into practice can be a bit more difficult. By focusing on the best interests of the kids as the basis for their parenting plan, Tennessee parents can more easily engage in healthy co-parenting. 

Co-parenting is a relatively recent approach to parenting after divorce. In the past, one parent -- typically the mom -- got sole custody, while the other parent was limited to brief periods of visitation. The primary custodian did not really have to worry about the input and parenting wishes of the other parent with this type of arrangement. Now, with many experts acknowledging the benefits of regular access to both parents through shared custody, divorced couples have to continue working together even when they are no longer married. 

Health care professionals and Protected Health Information

When it comes to the daily task of protecting patient information, doctors, nurses and other health care professionals face laws and regulations that are continually in flux. A person's license as a doctor, nurse or other health care worker does not extend to business or technology expertise, and professionals may feel overwhelmed by the increasing number of health care laws and regulations.

Despite professionals' best efforts to keep up with ongoing changes, there are always opportunities to misunderstand a new IT ruling or overlook a regulatory change. Here are five laws focused on protecting personal health information.

Felony charge filed against former Vols quarterback

Police recently arrested a former Volunteers quarterback on some fairly serious criminal allegations. Sterling Henton is accused of passing a counterfeit check, which led to a charge for criminal situation of between $60,000 and $250,000 -- a felony charge. However, he claims that he was actually the victim of an internet scam. 

From 1987 to 1990, Henton was one of the Tennessee Volunteers' starting quarterbacks, and he now acts as the football team's official DJ. Authorities claim that he brought a counterfeit check written for $95,140 to a local credit union, where he tried to make a deposit. The bank apparently did not deposit the check and notified authorities of the situation. 

Is dissolution right for you?

Ending a marriage is an emotional experience, but it does not have to be a traumatic one. Dissolution is a viable alternative to divorce, which gives you and your soon-to-be ex the ability to make your own decisions. Although it may seem impossible, many people in Tennessee prefer to have the last say over things rather than have their future in the hands of a judge.

So what is a marital dissolution agreement? It is an alternative dispute resolution, a concept you may already be familiar with. Mediation and negotiation are more commonly recognized alternative dispute resolutions. In a dissolution you will address all of the necessary topics you would commonly see in divorce. These include:

  • Asset division
  • Child custody
  • Child support
  • Alimony

Women hit hardest by financial surprises in divorce

Ending an unhappy marriage has many benefits, including giving both people the opportunity to move on with their lives. Most Tennessee divorcees find great happiness after their divorce, whether with a new partner or on their own. However, there is no denying the financial impact of divorce. Unfortunately, some financial surprises seem to hit women harder than men. 

A survey from Worthy -- an online marketplace -- asked 1,785 adult women about financial surprises relating to their marriages and divorces. The group was a mix of women who were all in one of three different life stages. The first included those ready to end their marriages, the second group was made up of women in the middle of divorce and the third group consisted of already divorced individuals. 

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