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What does co-parenting have to do with my parenting plan?

Most parents understand that they need to continue working together for their children even after their divorce. Actually putting this into practice can be a bit more difficult. By focusing on the best interests of the kids as the basis for their parenting plan, Tennessee parents can more easily engage in healthy co-parenting. 

Co-parenting is a relatively recent approach to parenting after divorce. In the past, one parent -- typically the mom -- got sole custody, while the other parent was limited to brief periods of visitation. The primary custodian did not really have to worry about the input and parenting wishes of the other parent with this type of arrangement. Now, with many experts acknowledging the benefits of regular access to both parents through shared custody, divorced couples have to continue working together even when they are no longer married. 

Health care professionals and Protected Health Information

When it comes to the daily task of protecting patient information, doctors, nurses and other health care professionals face laws and regulations that are continually in flux. A person's license as a doctor, nurse or other health care worker does not extend to business or technology expertise, and professionals may feel overwhelmed by the increasing number of health care laws and regulations.

Despite professionals' best efforts to keep up with ongoing changes, there are always opportunities to misunderstand a new IT ruling or overlook a regulatory change. Here are five laws focused on protecting personal health information.

Felony charge filed against former Vols quarterback

Police recently arrested a former Volunteers quarterback on some fairly serious criminal allegations. Sterling Henton is accused of passing a counterfeit check, which led to a charge for criminal situation of between $60,000 and $250,000 -- a felony charge. However, he claims that he was actually the victim of an internet scam. 

From 1987 to 1990, Henton was one of the Tennessee Volunteers' starting quarterbacks, and he now acts as the football team's official DJ. Authorities claim that he brought a counterfeit check written for $95,140 to a local credit union, where he tried to make a deposit. The bank apparently did not deposit the check and notified authorities of the situation. 

Is dissolution right for you?

Ending a marriage is an emotional experience, but it does not have to be a traumatic one. Dissolution is a viable alternative to divorce, which gives you and your soon-to-be ex the ability to make your own decisions. Although it may seem impossible, many people in Tennessee prefer to have the last say over things rather than have their future in the hands of a judge.

So what is a marital dissolution agreement? It is an alternative dispute resolution, a concept you may already be familiar with. Mediation and negotiation are more commonly recognized alternative dispute resolutions. In a dissolution you will address all of the necessary topics you would commonly see in divorce. These include:

  • Asset division
  • Child custody
  • Child support
  • Alimony

Women hit hardest by financial surprises in divorce

Ending an unhappy marriage has many benefits, including giving both people the opportunity to move on with their lives. Most Tennessee divorcees find great happiness after their divorce, whether with a new partner or on their own. However, there is no denying the financial impact of divorce. Unfortunately, some financial surprises seem to hit women harder than men. 

A survey from Worthy -- an online marketplace -- asked 1,785 adult women about financial surprises relating to their marriages and divorces. The group was a mix of women who were all in one of three different life stages. The first included those ready to end their marriages, the second group was made up of women in the middle of divorce and the third group consisted of already divorced individuals. 

Man allegedly flying with drugs arrested at Tennessee airport

One man is in police custody following an arrest at the Nashville International Airport. According to reports, the the man allegedly traveled to Tennessee from another state with a significant amount of drugs in his luggage. He is now facing felony drug charges.

Police claim that someone tipped them off that a person was possibly flying into the airport with drugs, and they brought in a drug-sniffing K9 to check things out. The dog located two suitcases that were loaded with 51 bags of marijuana, all of which had been vacuum sealed. Authorities reported that someone had sprayed the bags with Febreze -- a sprayable household odor eliminator -- in an attempt to cover up the smell.

If you are divorcing, be careful how you use social media

Almost everyone has some sort of social media presence, it seems. You are probably used to posting pictures and telling friends about your life, your children’s lives and anything else that seems important.

Your soon-to-be ex-spouse may be active on social media, too, and from a divorce standpoint, he may be a bit too loose with online information.

Is your Tennessee nursing license at risk?

There is something that regardless of location, age or experience, all nurses share -- passion for their chosen career. As a nurse you work tirelessly for your patients, spending long hours on your feet without even the thought of a break. But day in and day out, nurses in Tennessee keep doing what they love. Suddenly discovering that your license is at risk can be devastating, and you deserve the right help to keep you employed and doing what you love. 

A number of situations can compromise your nursing license. For some, a drunk driving arrest can force some nurses to stop practicing, even if the arrest did not occur at a time or place related to your work. Even if you are not convicted, you could still face consequences in the workplace. 

Is your pet like a child to you? Divorce can complicate that

Putting off marriage till a later date is increasingly common in Tennessee. But people are not just waiting longer to say "I do" -- many couples choose to establish themselves financially before starting down the path to parenthood. For these couples, pets often replace the idea of children, and even in families with children the pets are often viewed as integral members who contribute emotionally. While there are established guidelines for how to handle child custody during divorce, no such thing exists for beloved pets.

Divorcing couples who engage in drawn-out feuds over who will keep a pet run the risk of being ordered to sell off their precious pooch. Although they will likely split the profits from the sale, this is hardly a replacement for an animal's love. In other cases, one person might be awarded ownership while the other receives a payment from their ex. Again, replacing a pet that a person views as a child with money is not necessarily ideal for some people.

Parenting plan may require adjustment period

Any major life change can be tough. A life change that reduces the amount of time you spend with the closest people in your life can certainly be challenging. Individuals creating parenting plans with co-parents in Tennessee may wish to keep this in mind as they work on drafting a plan that centers on the needs of the children. 

A joint custody arrangement is probably the most common one that parents decide to use after a divorce or separation from a partner. During the divorce proceeding, the parents and a judge will work together to determine the custody agreement that will best support the child. In most cases, the child benefits from having a relationship with both parents, so that parents work out a way to split time with the child in a parenting plan they create. 

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