Legal Help For Health Care Professionals Seeking Guidance On Health Care Laws, Regulations And Management

You obtained your license so you could practice medicine, not so you could deal with business matters. Nevertheless, you may find yourself struggling to understand the paperwork, regulations, compliance issues, and licensing matters you must deal with each day.

Unfortunately, many operating in the health care field often find themselves facing charges of criminal wrongdoing, like Medicare fraud, because of a lack of attention to the critical rules that govern the many aspects of being a health care provider.

If you are a physician, nurse, chiropractor, veterinarian or facility administrator, our team of attorneys at Hagar & Phillips PLLC in Lebanon, Tennessee, has the expertise to advise you with all aspects of your practice so you never have to worry about compliance.

Over Two Decades of Experience Assisting Practitioners

After 20 years in business law and the health care industry, we have extensive knowledge of the laws and regulations that govern the medical community. Our experience can benefit you if you are seeking guidance on any of the following and more:

  • Managed care and other contracts
  • Regulatory compliance
  • Disciplinary matters
  • Licensing and accreditation
  • Investigations of Medicare fraud, overpayment or kickbacks
  • Insurance issues

We also assist nurses facing license suspension or revocation.

Our lawyers can also offer guidance regarding the operations of your medical facility to ensure that you have an efficient system for completing critical tasks. Proactivity can reduce the chances that your medical business will face legal hazards, allowing you to focus on practicing medicine.

Let Our Legal Team Offer Guidance

Health care law is complex and often confusing. Why let it distract you from your business? Our law firm has experience helping many health care professionals throughout Wilson, Trousdale, Cannon and Macon counties with the business end of their practices.

Contact our office today via email or by phone at 615-784-3713 to set up a free initial consultation to learn more about what we do.