Marital Dissolution Agreements: A Benefit To Couples Considering Divorce

Going through a divorce is more than just dividing your belongings. When emotions are high, even the most trivial object can take on fierce sentimental value. In such cases, the most amicable separation can quickly turn volatile, making negotiations difficult.

Nevertheless, many couples may not realize how quickly they can lose control of their lives when they relinquish the decision-making to a judge. You know the issues that are most important to you, the assets that will benefit you in the future, and the best ways to parent your children.

Benefits of Marital Dissolution Agreements

At Hagar & Phillips PLLC, in Lebanon, Tennessee, are enthusiastic promoters of martial dissolution agreements (MDAs) that result from alternative dispute resolution options like negotiation and mediation. MDAs address any area of a divorce, including child custody, support payments, insurance and the division of assets.

Our lawyers have helped many people throughout Wilson, Trousdale, Cannon and Macon Counties with marital dissolution agreements. At Hagar & Phillips PLLC, we can help.

Offering Customized MDAs That Fit Your Situation

We understand the importance of constructing a customized document that fits your situation. With our help, even the most divisive couples can reach positive and satisfying agreements.

Let us help you. We will listen to your needs, consider your ideal resolution and work to craft a document that will benefit you for years to come.

A Law Firm Dedicated To Drafting an Agreement That Is Right for You

It is important to understand that once the court approves your MDA, you are bound to its terms. Modifying an MDA after the divorce is finalized is a challenge. With our assistance, we will take the time necessary to make sure the document you reach is appropriate and fair.

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