Experienced Family Law Attorneys Here To Offer Guidance When You Need It Most

Family law issues are never just about you; they always involve others, particularly those closest to you. These sensitive and personal matters can leave you overwhelmed with emotions at the very time when you need to be thinking clearly and making critical decisions.

Whether you are facing the trauma of a contentious divorce or the bittersweet challenge of adopting a grandchild or stepchild, the issues that arise from family law matters can consume all of your focus.

A Tennessee family law attorney can offer useful guidance about the process and help to mitigate the stress you may be feeling.

Let Our Family Law Attorneys Help Mitigate the Stress

At Hagar & Phillips PLLC, we are experienced family law attorneys who can help take the stress off of your shoulders. We offer individualized support and unique solutions for each case we handle.

If you need guidance about a marital dissolution agreement or advice regarding the division of your assets in a divorce, we can explain the process and advocate for your interests. If you are divorcing and need assistance with child custody, visitation or a parenting plan, we can offer our support.

Our team also assists stepparents or grandparents with the adoption process.

Assistance with Family Law Modifications

In some cases, a change in your circumstances may prompt the need for modifications of your court order. Whether it involves alimony, child support or a visitation schedule, let us help you seek a modification.

Contact Us for Guidance at This Emotional Time

Whether through negotiation or litigation, our lawyers are prepared to advocate for your interests. Schedule a free consultation at our office in Lebanon. We can alleviate your concerns, answer your questions and start developing a plan that will accomplish your goals.

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We assist families of all makeups, including the LGBT community, those who are deaf and all who need help with any type of family law matter.